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Drom's Comics and Cards opened in Davis July of 2008.
We are located at 231 G. St. Davis, CA 95616
Drom's is currently the only sanctioned Magic The Gathering shop in Davis.

Who is ready for Gate Crash? Pre-Release Sign-ups will be starting Jan 2nd 2013! $30 and choice of Guild! Guilds are limited so make sure you sign-up early!

Tournaments times:
Saturday @12:01 Am(midnight)
Saturday @10:00 Am
Saturday @04:00 pm

Sunday @ 2:00 pm

Gate Crash Pre-Order Prices:
Booster box: $92+tax
Fat pack: $30 +tax
intro set: $55+tax


Hours of Operation and Weekly Events:

Mondays: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Noon – 7 pm
New Comics!!
Casual EDH Tournament @ 4:30 pm $3 (sign-ups @ 4pm)

Thursday: 1pm – 7pm
Standard @ 6pm $5 (sign-ups @ 5:30pm)

Friday: 2pm – 10pm
FNM (draft)  @ 6pm $14 (sign-ups @ 5:30pm)
FNM (Modern) @ 6:30pm $5 (sign-ups @6:00pm

Saturday: 1pm – 7pm
Yu-gi-oh @ 2pm $5 (Astral Pack Prize Support)

Sunday: 1pm – 7pm
Yu-gi-oh @ 2pm $5 (Astral Pack Prize Support)